Sunday, January 27, 2013

About the blog, Income Ready.

If you were subscribed to my feeds on Networkedblogs, you must have received a blog article with the title, “Fake title”. If you had, please, be patient with me. I was trying out my new blog, IncomeReady, on that platform. I conceived Incomeready, when I noticed the deficiencies of my first blog, SolvingIt. I realized that I was not covering enough of economics, business and finance.

Like a maturing child, this blog grows.

I tried to create a space on SolvingIt where a case study approach to problem solving could be approached but discovered that it was pushing the blog too far. When I do have the money to hire a website designer to remodel the site, my demands might be pushing him too far.

The blogs I write are not only for you, my loyal readers. I also write for myself. I think that people connect with a message when they find a practical value in their lives, especially when they can connect to the shared experiences. SolvingIt was not supposed to dwell enormously on shared experiences, but to be an article site for solved problems. I had done some little of sharing experiences on SolvingIt; I was happy with the response.

Incomeready, the blog, is not different from SolvingIt. They are maintained by the same writer and share the same blogger account. Incomeready just takes SolvingIt to another level of engagement – using practical experiences that readers can relate with, using a case study approach.

I hope you will appreciate and value the first post on Incomeready, Grecians have turned to barter currencies in lieu of the Euro to stave off hunger.

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