Friday, October 31, 2014

Links: An African Private Equity marketplace launched by Kusuntu Partners

Links of some interesting stuff online.
  • Launch of Kusuntu, a marketplace for African Private Equity Firms

  • There are currently close to 8 million Small and Growing Businesses in Africa looking for growth and expansion capital. This represents an untapped investment opportunity for those Private Equity Funds that are active on the continent. Therefore, Kusuntu Match Making service, an internet based market place that lists a selection of African Small and Growing Businesses in a view to be identified by Africa focused Private Equity Funds and International Investors looking for deals opportunities on the continent, was born. If you are a small business firm looking for Private Equity investments, you’d be wise to register on the platform.

  • Finnish mutual pension insurer, Ilmarinen, is ready to tap from Finnish pension reforms

  • Ilmarinen foresees a growth in its equity weighting due to new freedom granted it by the country’s recently agreed pension reforms. Although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not been good for business, the proposed 60% portfolio investment equity weight increment was meant to be slow and gradual.

  • Obama flexes unilateral muscles for American taxes

  • Corporate tax inversions, double Irish arrangement and tax definitions of corporate intangibles like goodwill, going concern value and “workforce in place” are some tax loopholes and opportunities for tax evasion that Obama wants to unilaterally settle without interference from Congress. Although evasion of foreign taxes in the double Irish arrangement does not concern US revenue authorities, the incentive to evade abroad makes it more likely that those dollars will not come into American soil. So, it makes sense to give aid to some taxmen on foreign soil.

  • One Ford plan appears successful as Ford posts Q3 profits

  • Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) records its 21st consecutive profitable quarter. A pre-tax profit of $1.2 billion, a 3% decline compared to a year ago, could have been better if not for high warranty costs, lower volumes and adverse balance sheet exchange items. Ford Credit, North American and Asia Pacific arms continue to be profitable although losses were lower in Middle East and Africa. One Ford plan, successful so far, and a cadence of new products, are behind the recorded Q3 profit.

  • Myanmar’s banking sector – a sorry story

  • It’s a story riddled with inefficiencies – high government interests in the banking sector, manual payment systems, loans must be collateralized with land, gold or export commodities and by the way, only a few persons use the banking system. No wonder bank lending as a share of GDP is very low, a twin to… South Sudan! After years of civil strife, it gained independence 3 years ago, in 2011.

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