Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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Search engines are ubiquitous on the Internet. In fact, without one, searching for topics and items of interest might take hours. Search engines make our life efficient. By the way, search engines carry all sorts of advertisements and software placements that can come in the way of a rich user experience.

Featured in Alltop
An badge.
So, I discovered Alltop is a topical search engine. It is like a magazine rack, where you search for topics of interest rather than do an algorithmic search like would Google. Alltop is a topical news aggregator. You can find blogs and news websites arranged according to topics. Alltop can make your search easier and faster. It can help you do content comparisons with like bloggers and blogs in your topical area; it can help you do site design and headline comparison.

Chris Brogan said was the Internet’s best magazine rack.

I stumbled on Alltop because I wanted to increase blog traffic. You can set the same target by submitting your site or blog.

Make the Market your income”, this blog, was accepted in Alltop under the finance topic.

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