Friday, May 1, 2015

International Workers' Day - In commemoration of Workers worldwide

Today is May 1, 2015. Since 1886, May 1 has been used to commemorate workers all-over the world. On this day in 1886, in America, the American Federation of Labor organized militant actions demanding the right of all workers to an eight-hour workday. Workers walked off their jobs and withheld their labor from being exploited. Later, some eight labor organizers were framed by law and accused for a bombing at a rally at Chicago’s Haymarket square.

Since then, May 1 of every day is being commemorated as the day of workers, the day when workers demand their right for good working conditions, for a better life and better families. Immigrant workers have also not being left out of the rallies.

Today is the International Workers’ day. In some countries, it is not an official holiday but in many African countries like Nigeria, today is an official work-free day. It is a day for workers to reflect on labor rights, democratic rights and all other rights due them within the economic system they have found themselves.

In some countries, rallies will be held with the support of the governments while in other countries, rallies might be held against official permits. In other countries, like in the United States of America, workers will celebrate this day quietly while still going about their tasks.

Whatever the case may be, it is worthy to mark this date in your calendar if you work for a living.

Over the days, I have collected selected news on the International Workers' Day celebration around the world in:
  • Americas

  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • Australasia

  • Africa

  • Asia

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