Friday, May 1, 2015

International Workers' Day News from Australasia


  • Unite is organizing a workers’ day rally in order to ask the government to stop subsidizing jobs at McDonald’s and Wendy’s. The union questions why McDonald’s and Wendy’s need government subsidies to hire staff on what union says will be zero hour contracts. What is more worrisome is that the workers have had their hours cut when the subsidy ends. "Sometimes McDonald's tells… staff they will get at least 30 hours a week. But after six months, when the subsidy ends the workers go onto a zero hour contract just like everyone else. …It seems the only time workers can get guaranteed hours at McDonald's and Wendy's is when they are being subsidised by the state.”

    It has been claimed that the zero hours regime is not a rostering mechanism but a tool to bully and abuse staff which shouldn’t exist in New Zealand.

    That is the message of the workers’ day rallies that will be holding today.

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