Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bill Gates: Using military and world medicine to fight germs and epidemics like Ebola

Are we ready for the next epidemic? Bill Gates says No!

In a recently recorded TED talk, Bill Gates makes an argument for a global investment for fighting epidemics that would involve R&D, medical personnel and the military.

Citing the Ebola virus that killed more than 10, 000 in about 430 days and the Spanish flu that claimed the lives of more than 25 million in about 160 days of its spread, he stated that the likelihood exists that an epidemic worse than Ebola is at the horizon, especially from bio-terrorism.

Some suggestions for a global response readiness which were forwarded are:

  1. Strong health systems in poor countries.

  2. The world should be able to be alerted and react quickly to outbreaks that occur in these outlying areas of the world.
  3. A medical reserve corp.

  4. These should be medical experts, kept in readiness, and on short notice for an outbreak of the likelihood or greater than Ebola.
  5. Use of military logistics for medical purposes.

  6. There will be a need to pair these medical reserve corps with the logistics, speed and security the military already possesses.
  7. Germ games simulations.

  8. Germs are winning the battle against humans. A good working germ games simulation facility will up the ante in favor of mankind.
  9. Advanced R&D.

  10. In the areas of vaccines and diagnostics, advanced research and development efforts will have to be funded for the benefit of the world.

Hopefully, Bill Gates opines, if we start now, we could be ready for the next epidemic.

You can watch the video on this page.

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