Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eurozone confidence rising as deflationary fears eases

While searching on the eurozone producer price index (PPI) data for this year, wanted a take on inflation between January and now, I saw this article on 3 numbers, eurozone confidence rising ... Reasons why eurozone confidence is on the upswing:
  1. Rebound in energy production in France might increase its GDP by 0.4%. 
  2. Forecasted rise in European quarter-over-quarter GDP growth for Q1 and Q2. 
  3. Investor confidence, as measured by the Sentix Investor Confidence Index is on the rise. 
  4. Eurozone composite Purchasing Managers' Index, also an indicator of manufacturing confidence, is on the rise. 

Meanwhile deflationary fears have been eased. Eurozone CPI, a relative measure of inflation that indices the prices of goods purchased by consumers, inched upwards from -0.3% in February to -0.1% in March. 


Macro reports are looking good for the Eurozone in the short term.

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