Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Photos] The impact of water on human living

Kofi Annan is quoted for the statement:
Access to a secure, safe and sufficient source of fresh water is a fundamental requirement for the survival, well-being and socioeconomic development of all humanity. Yet, we continue to act as if fresh water were a perpetually abundant resource. It is not.

Recent events are putting those statements into light.

The impact of water on our lives cannot be categorized fully. At least, we can start somewhere. The 12 photos below are beginning paces.

Impact of water on our lives

   The diamonds-water paradox has it that water, a resource so vital to life, is very cheap because of its over-abundance while diamond, a luxury, is expensive because of its scarcity. That paradox is being overturned. Water has become scarce and will soon have a high price tag.
   This month the State of California in the United States of America imposed mandatory restrictions on water use. A recent World Bank report estimates private water consumption at $1 tn. Clean drinking water is becoming a scarce commodity.
   It is worthwhile then that we analyze the impact of water on our lives.

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