Friday, April 10, 2015

US-China Relationship: Crafting future of global war or peaceful prosperity? Time will tell!

It’s not often a diplomat helps you make a connection between global economic events and how they relate to your lifestyle, your choices and expectations.

This talk by an Australian diplomat, Kevin Rudd, “Are China and the US doomed to conflict?” does.

For the first time since George III and Napoleon Bonaparte, a non-western country, non-English speaking and non-liberal democratic country, will become the largest economy in the world, by whatever index you are looking at, in a decades time.

History is against a future of peaceful coexistence. For those who will object to history and say that globalization and economic integration would annul the prospect of an international conflict being the outcome of the US-China disputes, then they are wrong. Before 1914, before the First World War, the world was going through a great period of integration and globalization and then…there was a war on its doorstep.

No country wants to go to war. As thinking humans, we want a future of US-China cooperation. Will our hearts speak to our heads?

China feels humiliated for years by Western powers while the US accuses China of gross atrocities against humanity and seeking to exert changes on the rules of the present global order. Both sides will never agree on these issues. Will this dispute suck the world into a spiraling black hole?

The talk lasts for 15 minutes. I think it is a must watch if you want to understand the forces that are shaping global events like the war in Ukraine, the conflicts in the Middle East, the AIIB and events in North Korea. I took the pleasure of providing the video.

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